Science Skills -Scientific Investigation for High School

  • Scientific Investigation

Feyman’ svideo on scientific investigation

[youtube_sc url= width=450 rel=0 fs=1]

A scientific investigation:

  • describes a problem that can be used as an hypothesis for testing
  • collects data for investigation that can be used to draw conclusions
  • is communicated to allow review through evidence.

Steps in scientific method:  flow chart and more information from the buddy science website

Definitions of variables, dependent and independent variable, please refer definitions.

Writing a scientific report and summarising , refer to:

Graphing Skills

  • Line graphs for scientiific investigaton when you have to draw the line of best fit: Line of Best Fit  graph (interatctive graphing which allows you to plot points and try drawing the Line of Best Fit.)
  • Line graphs for graphing scientific information such as temperature changes, etc (best fit straight line is not drawn or draw the line joining all the coordinates plotted.) :

Time line for famous experiment, click on links to wikipedia:


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