Global Issues Science Year 10

Term 4 Week 6-7

Year 10 Global Issues  part 1:  Resources.

What you need to know


Understand the term ‘resource’ and identify the resources ( and their properties) necessary to maintain our current standard of living. Eg. ores, minerals, water

Describe uses of these resources

Key concepts

  • Earth resources: Most of our resources come from the Earth eg. fossil fuels, metals and non-metals
  • Mapping rocks: Geologists map the rocks inside the Earth
  • Reading the Earth :Interpret geological history of rocks
  • Mining: Describe how resources are mined
  • New materials: New materials rely on new technology
  • Energy: Energy conversions and uses
  • Fuels: Fuels are burnt to provide us with energy
  • The greenhouse effect Reasons and global warming
  • Alternative energy sources Renewable and pollution free energy
  • Nuclear energy: Energy from the nucleus of atoms
  • Radioactivity is made of particles and energy

 Research Task:  Resources from the Earth .  Instruction: New Topic Global Issues Research Earth Resources and submission of Ms Powerpoint, click here.

Global Issues Part 2: Energy   Year 10 Global Issues part 2 Energy

Term 4 Week 8-9

Experiment:  Building your own battery using vinegar, saltwater and pepsi cola.

Try to construct a pepsi cola battery. Write a report on your experiment: hypothesis, aim, materials, method, conclusion and discussion. Include the three types of variables and include a discussion on the accuracy of the experiment.

Energy Game 

Try out these two activities from the link:

  • Activity 1   How energy efficient are you?
  • Activity 2: Energy Quiz.

Global Issues – Climate Change

Climate Change Game

Try out these  activities:

  • Planet Protector:Your mission: reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being put into the atmosphere by things people do before the average temperature of the Earth warms up to 18°C. Click on the link below to start the game.
  • Case of warming planet: Solve the case for Mr and Mrs Cool. Click on the link below to start.Mr. and Mrs. Cool walked into the Rain-or-Shine detective agency. When they explained their case to the head of the agency, Sam “Swift” Fox, he knew right away that this was an Eco-File. Special Agents Reese Store and Paul Lucien were put on to the case.


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