Year 10 Forensic Science

Forensic Investigator videos

Forensic Factor Beauty Queen HD    (video 45.54 mins)

Karyn Slover is a pretty small town dreamer who’s finally got her big break: she’s been offered work as a model by an agency in Los Angeles. Now she can move away with her three-year old son, Kolten, leaving her ex-husband, friends, and current boyfriend behind. She leaves her desk at the local newspaper at 5 PM, and is never heard from again.

Forensic Investigators- The Valentine’s Day Massacre   S03 E01    (video  44.20 mins)

Two women are found dead on Valentine’s Day in a burning massage parlour. The ashen remains uncover not only the killer, but a murder spree spanning 10 years.
On Valentine’s Day 1994, two women were found dead in a burning massage parlour in Sydney. The owner had been stabbed while her employee had been shot three times.
It appeared that the manager was the target in the frenzied attack. Her husband told police she’d been receiving death threats prior to her death. But whether it was a disgruntled client or a rival business, he was unsure.
As investigators delved into the manager’s past and her final movements, all was not what it seemed. The attacker had started the fire to destroy any evidence but investigators were able to pick through the ashen remains and uncover the truth… a truth that would not only lead to her killer but to a murder spree spanning 10 years.


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