Year 10 -Science – Evolution


1.1 Introduction

The Simpsons Homer Evolution video. It is a very interesting video showing that evolution takes placce in small steps over a long period of time.

Natural selection- Theory of evolution

2. Evidences of evolution:

  • evolution – This is why every scientist accepts evolution (10.39 min)
  • Fossils Evidence  (Fossil records may have missing pieces but they show life is old).
  • Radiometric dating (Carbon-14 dating is most useful for relatively recent fossils – up to 50 000 years old. Isotopes of other elements, such as potassium-40 are used to date rocks which are hundreds of millions of years old and so infer the age of fossils embedded in them. Other elements also have isotopes that are useful in fossil dating.)
  • Homologous structures(Similar bone structures of vertebrae suggesting they all share a common ancestor.)
  • Comparative embryology (Embryos of vertebrates at the earlystages of development are simila suggesting they share a common ancestor).

Evolution – interesting website

Evolution- theory and good summary; Lamark, Darwin, Wallace etc

15 evolution Gems – by Nature –  good information for reading.

2.1 Fossils

Dinosaur fossils (snake eating dinosaur, India)

Dinosaur -largest burial site in the world. Lufeng Museum China

Evolution – The evidences of evolution.

Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution – A Brief History

Other links- for more advanced students

David Attenborough on Darwin

200th Anniversary Charles Darwin David Attenborough BBC Documentary Part 1

other links

Stanford University – Evolution Lectures

Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution – A Brief History (music only no narration)

Evolution – Dawkins

The greatest show on Earth by Charles Dawkin (video 3.15 mins)

Evolution Lecture


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