7 Feb  Tuesday

The role of Science in STEM and What drones are used for around the world.

Pages 29 to 33 National Sciene Week 2016 dronesdroidsandrobots2016v5

Legalities/safety for drone usage in Australia.

Components of drones: Transmitter (Tx), receiver, Flight control board, Electronic Speed control, Electric Motor, Propeller.

Propeller and Newton’s third law:

Answer the Following Questions:

  1. What are the four forces that act on an aircraft/flying object?
  2. What are three things that determine the weight of an airplane/flying object?
  3. What are two things that determine the thrust of an airplane/flying object?
  4. A high thrust to weight ratio means that the aircraft will have high _____________and a high _______________.
  5. If the thrust to weight ratio is greater than 1, this means the aircraft/flying object will be able to ______________________________.
  6. Explain what a ratio is in your own words.
  7. Write a few sentences summarizing this activity and what you learned from it.



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