Year 7 Introduction to Science-What is Science and Branches of Science -Activity



What is Science? Activity

1. Name the scientists working in different branches of Science:



Your research must include the following information about the scientist:

  1. the place of his/her birth.
  2. date of his/her birth.
  3. date of his/her  death.
  4. Two major discoveries and/or inventions by this Scientist.
  5. Two interesting things that this Scientist did and/or about this Scientist.
  6. Bibilography: Books (title of book, author and year published) or Internet address.


You may select ONE of the scientists listed below:



Svante Arrhenius

Henri Becquerel

Niels Bohr

Robert Boyle

Lawrence Bragg

Tycho Brahe

Robert Bunsen

James Chadwick

Nicolaus Copernicus

Arthur Compton

Marie Curie

Pierre Curie

John Dalton

Charles Darwin

Thomas Edison

Albert Einstein

Michael Faraday

Alexander Fleming

Leon Foucault

Benjamin Franklin

Rosalind Franklin

Luigi Galvani

Robert Goddart

Fritz Haber

Edmond Halley

Stephen Hawking

Hermann von Helmholtz

Jan Baptist von Helmont

Joseph Henry

Caroline Herschel

John Herschel

William Herschel

Gustav Ludwig Hertz

Heinrich Hertz

Antoine Lavoisier

Joseph Lister

James Clerk Maxwell

Dimitri Mendeleev

Alfred Nobel

Issac Newton

Blaise Pascal

Louis Pasteur

Wolfgang Ernst Pauli

Max Planck

Joseph Priestley

Claudius Ptolemy


Blaise Pascal

Louis Pasteur

Wolfgang Ernst Pauli

Jean Piaget

Max Planck

Joseph Priestley

Claudius Ptolemy


William Ramsay

Prafulla Chandra Ray

Francesco Redi

Wilhelm Röntgen

Ronald Ross

Ernest Rutherford

Carl Sagan

Erwin Schrödinger

Theodor Schwann

William Smith

Nettie Stevens

Benjamin Thompson

William Thomson

J. Thomson



Alfred Russel Wallace

James Watson

James Watt

Alfred Wegener

Wilbur and Orville Wright

Chen-Ning Yang

Ahmed Zewail

You may refer to the following website for your research.




50 influential scientists






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