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Year 7 Science -What is Science National Curriculum

Syllabus for Year 7, please click on the website and scroll down to Science:


1.  Science is: the study of the physical and natural world  especially by using systematic observation and experiment.

2. Measurement

website with links to Ms Powerpoint

Lab Equipment video  (beaker, test tube,  measuring cylinder, conical flask, evaporating dish, watch glass, crucible, tongs, test tube holder, test tube brush)

Lab equipment power point (only the names  of the equipment and the uses of the equipment)

lab equipment review

Equipment Identification Year 7 (uses)

Lab Equipment Quiz  (Identify equipment used for the jobs in the lab)

Safety in the Science Lab (powerpoint)

Human Home


links to Human cells

Interesting Science Experiments

1) Crushing the can

Materials: Empty soda cans (search the recycling bin or start drinking!) Stove or hot plate Cooking tongs Gloves Bowl Cold water

Instruction and explanation for the experiment (video 1.41 mins)

Instructions and explanation for the experiment: teachdemo18 crushing can  from

2) Tea Bags Rocket

Instruction and explanation for the experiment (video 2.22 mins)

3) Colour changing milk   from Spangler Science.

Materials: Milk (whole or 2%) Dinner plate Food coloring (red, yellow, green, blue) Dish-washing soap Cotton swabs

Instructions and explanatin for the experiment: (video  3.24 mins)

4) Magic Ink  (video  2.30 mins)

5) Making slime  (video 2.08 mins)

Other Cool experiment:

Science Skills -Scientific Investigation for High School

  • Scientific Investigation

Feyman’ svideo on scientific investigation

[youtube_sc url= width=450 rel=0 fs=1]

A scientific investigation:

  • describes a problem that can be used as an hypothesis for testing
  • collects data for investigation that can be used to draw conclusions
  • is communicated to allow review through evidence.

Steps in scientific method:  flow chart and more information from the buddy science website

Definitions of variables, dependent and independent variable, please refer definitions.

Writing a scientific report and summarising , refer to:

Graphing Skills

  • Line graphs for scientiific investigaton when you have to draw the line of best fit: Line of Best Fit  graph (interatctive graphing which allows you to plot points and try drawing the Line of Best Fit.)
  • Line graphs for graphing scientific information such as temperature changes, etc (best fit straight line is not drawn or draw the line joining all the coordinates plotted.) :

Time line for famous experiment, click on links to wikipedia: